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All Terrain 4x4

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Suspension Upgrades

The single biggest improvement to your 4WD is an upgrade to your suspension system. Your vehicle may be a 15 year old work ute, or your shining brand new 100 series Toyota being prepared for your retirement adventure.

At All Terrain we are experts in suspension modification and enhancement. Whilst we offer many off the shelf packages that include components from Lovells, Tough Dog,

Koni, Bilstein and more. Depending on the height or lift we carry a full range of adjustable pan hard rods, adjustable shackles, steering stabilizers and extended brake hoses to suit all suspension upgrades.


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With the fitment of oversize and extreme traction tyres like our range of Simex tyres, proper suspension tuning is paramount. We combine the correct spring rates for your workload in both leaf and coil applications. By adding air bags from Polyair of Firestone we can increase load carrying and ride height. These airbag systems can feature in cab adjustment to trim your vehicle on the move. Our air bag systems are perfect for people who tow caravans and off road camper trailers. With on board air compressors we can fabricate your own air tank reservoir to provide compressed air online that will also operate your ARB air lockers or your power tools.