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Lovells Leaf Springs

Lovells Leaf Springs are designed as a superior replacement part for mass-produced O.E (Original Equipment) leaf springs.

Lovells offer a vast range of semi elliptic leaf springs to satisfy popular ride height variations and load carrying capabilities. Lovells leaf springs have the outstanding characteristics of not only acting as a spring, to resiliently support the vehicle, but also serve to position the axle, dampen vertical deflection and cushion both driving torque and brake reaction. Lovells leaf springs are manufactured to the highest standard from Australian Made OneSteel micro alloy steel.

All Leaf springs are cambered on in-house designed and manufactured machines before being assembled, rate tested and inspected. All leaf springs are enamel dipped in Lovells Navy Blue ready for dispatch.


Installation Tips

Check your leaf spring selection to ensure you have the correct spring for your intended application. When fitting, the Military Wrap end of the leaf spring is always fitted to the fixed pin chassis mount point. (exception: Nissan MQ Patrol). Some Lovells leaf springs are marked D/S (Drivers Side) and P/S (Passenger Side). If springs are not marked, a quick way to distinguish between the two is: turn them up and rest on spring eyes along side each other. Push down in the centre of each to settle free camber, and pick the highest of the pair. The higher free camber spring is fitted to the drivers side of the vehicle. This is to offset the weight of the driver in many cases. It is also advisable to check center-bolts on spring before installation. New high tensile Lovells U-Bolts and deep nuts must be used when fitting Lovells leaf springs.

IMPORTANT: U-Bolts must be checked regularly and re-tensioned for maximum leaf spring life. After fitment of Lovells leaf springs, U-bolts must be re-tensioned after 500km with vehicle fully laden. Failure to do so may void Lovells leaf spring warranty. Lovells recommend all U-bolts be checked regularly (at normal service intervals) and re-tensioned if required. Torque settings are available upon request