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All Terrain 4x4

11/1-3 Bricker Street
Cheltenham VIC 3192

P: 0413 835 452


Workshop Services

Our large 4 bay workshop is fully equipped and staffed by our team of experienced mechanics. Our staff are all 4WD enthusiasts who enjoy every minute of their spare time off road and camping. We travel with our customers and understand what does and does not work off road and outback.

We have a complete fabrication and welding service in house to ensure custom bracket and support work happens cost effectively and on time. We provide authorized service and regular maintenance of all makes of 4WD and recreational vehicles.

We can plan a service routine for your vehicle that is tailored to your usage and duty cycles. Many of our customers are fairly hard core off-roaders and they entrust the care and maintenance of their trucks to the service team at All Terrain.

Our extensive range of aftermarket accessories are fitted in the workshop by qualified mechanics, we do not take short cuts on the installation of important recovery and mechanical equipment that is essential for the safety of you and your family.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any service inquiries you may have, we look forward to working with you.